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  • Alternate Stones for your Zodiac.
    Alternate Stones for your Zodiac.

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Happy New year!

It is that time of year when everybody has new year resolutions, except me. Don't get me wrong. It is great to resolve to do something or to not do something. For me it has to be already in your mind frame for the resolve to actually work out for the best. So, instead I have goals this year. It may seem the same, but it isn't to me. Goals are things to shoot for, and through out this year I will have made milestones to reach my goals. You might be wondering, what my goals are this year?  Well, my biggest goal in life is to be self reliant (void of corporate wages) and to be able to provide for my family, off our land and through my business. This year I am working on making a productive garden. Starting from seed, on most of the plants (which I have had trouble with in the past) Finding out what we want to eat and how much to grow. The other goal is to become a "master"  of preserving our extra bounty from the garden.
Anyway that is my goal this year. I know it has nothing to do with jewelry or gifts, but I thought I would share some of my personal goals. This year just feels like it needs to be personal. =) 

Next Show Coming up:

February 4th 2017

The theme is to enable people to stop in for a psychic readings at a pricing of $25.00 for 15 mins. While waiting for their appointment the attendees have the opportunity to shop in a relaxing atmosphere, and finding items and services that are unique and reasonable from local small businesses and crafts persons. General Admission to the event is Free with plenty of free parking.

I will have, as always, free organza bags or gift boxes with purchase. 
Happy Shopping and Thank You for Your Patronage! 
-Sarah 1/16/2017

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